The Origin Story

"78 Stars is a place of healing and empowerment with a sprinkle of sass. Blending Spirituality & Self Care to bring you the best of both worlds. We offer items that are intentionally sourced to enhance your life."

If you've been with us for a lil while now, you'd know that Spirituality and Self Care is our motto. If you're new here, hi, whatsup, hello, its nice to meet you. Grab some bubble tea, kombucha or whatever beverage will satisfy your taste buds and gather 'round as we tell you more about ourselves and why we do what we do here. 

If you read our "About Us" page it will give you a snap shot into who we are and what our business is all about. But we'll take it deeper here and show you a little bit more of what its like behind the pretty pastel pink branded curtain that is 78 Stars. 78 Stars is owned by Ellisha & Sharni, your fave sisters who reside in West Melb. We're both Scorpio sun's who have a gung ho soul mission to burn out dated ideals and shift the paradigm associated with the "spiritual community" back to a place of inclusivity.

We're both natural born healers with a strong connection to the other side, who carry gifts from previous incarnations and our ancestral linage. I like to say that we're "healers in hoodies." Cos we stay true to ourselves, we don't play by the rules and we don't bullsh*t. At the heart chakra of it, we're here to teach you that no matter where you're at in your own journey, everything will be ok as long as you do the work.

So... you want to know more about what we do? Well, we offer a range of healing services to cater to the needs of the people we're fortunate enough to be able to help and we also curate a range of items and products that are designed to help improve your life. This is a fancy way of us sayin' that we run healing sessions and we also sell esoteric and self care items of the eco-friendly variety. Why didn't I just say that? I'm poetic ok, look, please just let me have this. Oh yeah, this is Sharni btw and I'm going to be narrating the good ole' blog here. Ellisha may tap in from time to time, but until then it's just going to be me and yo' sexy ass. Welcome to the party!

Anyways, back to the story. When we began 78, we knew that one day it would evolve into a place that would be a healing hub for the local community. We knew that it was meant to be positioned in West Melb, because there were no other places that offered people what we could create. Lucky for you, we're still in the midst of this epic journey, so you get to learn, evolve and grow with us as we build 78 Stars.

Let's back track a little. All the way back to a time when the term "face mask" meant something that involved clay and relaxation... It was the summer of 2019, and one us may of been experiencing what some people have affectionately nick named "the dark night of the soul" - don't worry its far worse than it sounds. For those who are unfamiliar, a dark night of the soul is an ego death. This is the joyous time an individuals life when their identity and everything else around them totally crumbles so that they can build everything that needs to be built. It's a long process and if you're lucky you'll experience it more than once in your life. I know it seems masochistic to say, but its actually quite the opposite because once you make it through said ego death, everything becomes beautiful and I mean everything. You fall in love, with yourself and the world and if you're really lucky, you get to fall in love with the universe too.

So back to the summer of 2019, in the freezing frost ridden mornings of Melbourne our beautiful sister Lita and I, would pack her tiny little car with crystals and self care items and head down to the local markets. We're talking 3am in the morning, doin' a maccas run for the oj and hot chocolate and waiting in a line of cars for an hour and half before setting up. It was not a pretty picture, but it was a lot of fun and a good place to start. We always met a bunch of characters, people from all walks of life. Some totally opposed to our existence, I'm not kidding some people are actually repelled by crystals and would make the extra effort to walk as far away from our stall as possible. It's a sight to see that's for sure. Ensue the antics of me convincing the rest of our siblings to come check out the stall, then shiftily walking away from the stall and leaving them to run it. This is what we call an older sibling power move. Because it instils confidence that they can run the stall on their own and also allows me to go and buy plants, not that, that was my motive whatsoever. But we all had a good time, at one point it was just me and my brother running one of the holiday stalls. Even our youngest siblings would come by and help out. It was a fam ting.

So, we keep doing markets for fun and then I start having dreams and channelling more info about the business. I ignored it thinking that I wasn't being "realistic"... because for years I had been told stuff about being "realistic". Oh you wouldn't believe just how much has changed since then. Side note: if someone ever tells you to "be realistic" kindly tell them to mind their business and f*ck off, it will save you a lot of time. Anyways, back at that time I had my dream nursing job and Ellisha was working full-time in retail as a supervisor, so this just didn't seem like part of the plan at all. But signs kept coming, they were way too specific to ignore, so I said ok, universe if you really want this to happen, show me what to do. And, well let's just say I got a  really good glimpse of what's to come. So I asked my sisters if they wanted to create 78 Stars and we started building. Initially it was the 3 of us, but Lita stepped away leaving us two crazy Scorpio's to take the reigns.

Our priority was to ensure that everything was as eco-friendly as possible. Ellisha choose the signature pastel pink/purple colour palette that now graces our packaging, and we each choose the symbols. There are five symbols that we utilise across our brand. The classic 78 hand, which is the symbol of a hand and 3 stars, the sun, the moon, the butterfly and the feather. The stars were chosen for obvious reasons, the sun represents enlightenment, the moon represents the unknown, the butterfly represents transformation and the feather represents connection to the universe and all her wisdom.

We do everything with intention. We put everything in, cos that's all we know. 

What's in a name? This is the part where I grit my teeth a little, take a breathe and remind myself that it's important to let my guard down. 78 Stars holds a few meanings. It holds a significant connection to numerology, but its also a representation of transforming pain to power. On my left wrist I have the number 7 tattooed and on my right wrist I have the number 8. I got these tiny little symbols in 2018 after I experienced a significant amount of trauma that sparked my spiritual awakening. The numbers 78 are actually an anniversary date for me. Sometimes people who have experienced trauma set themselves free of it and choose a date that they celebrate their freedom. My date is August 8th, aka 78. So this was the first fundamental reason that our brand name was so important. Its a pillar of transformation and healing. The next layer of it, was the numerical connection. 7 is easily one of the most spiritually symbolic numbers, it has a strong connection to the power of creation. 8 is connected to the eighth house of life, death and re-birth, but its also the depiction of an infinity symbol which represents eternity. Together the combination of 78 just fit, and stars matched the name perfectly because stars are a symbol of soul essence. Everything that exists in me and everything that exists in you. See, I told you I was poetic.

It has been a wild and beautiful ride so far. Ellisha and I have grown a lot as individuals and as sisters and we've also had the privilege of seeing so many of you grow and evolve too! We're beyond grateful to have you on this journey with us and to be a part of your journey too. We're not just another business who are trying to package and market themselves to appease people. Our purpose is to provide a space of healing and empowerment, to connect with you and show you that there's not a damn thing on this planet that you can't make it through. 

So here we are. It's April in the Autumn of '22 and we're launching a blog to chat with you guys and share some of our esoteric wisdom. Oh and speaking of anniversaries, in May it will be two years since we launched our online store. Which is the date that we celebrate 78 Stars' b'day! So get excited cos there will be cake, crystals and def a whole lot more fun tales to tell... keep up to date with what's going on via our socials, that's where all the fun stuff happens! 78 Links: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok.

Thank you for checking out our blog, thank you for all the support and love. We appreciate you 

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