Divine Connections Oracle


This gorgeous independently created 55 oracle deck, taps into the heart space of the divine feminine and the divine masculine to communicate messages from your divine counterpart with soul-soul and heart-heart energy. Created for the soul mate, twin flame and karmic relationship collectives. A beautiful modern take on a love deck, it's full of dreamily crafted digital imagery. To make the deck even more stunning, each card is lined with super luxe gold foiling.

The deck comes in a beautiful magnetic box and contains two types of cards. Ones displaying artwork and phrasing, and the others displaying heartfelt messages. The oracle was intentionally created without a guidebook, which allows you to further tap into the power of your intuition by relying solely on the imagery and energy from each card.

"May your 3rd dimensional relationships become beautiful catalysts for your own greater expansion. Always remembering that your spiritual journey is to love with an inward gaze" - E. Britta

  • Independently created
  • Created in Australia
  • Made by female artist, Etre Britta
  • Deck: 55 Gold foiled cards

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