Numerology Dice: Amethyst


Obsessed with Angel numbers and discovering universal secrets? Our Numerology Dice are the perfect way to connect with your intuition! Expand your readings or use them in conjunction with astrology transits to plan and manifest. The combinations are endless, but you can bet that these babies will make a great addition to your divination kit.

Amethyst: Balance ∙ Harmony ∙ Spirituality
Radiating harmony and all around good vibes, Amethyst brings relaxation and balance into your life. This amazing crystal is the OG third eye enhancer. She'll soothe your soul while assisting you to deepen your intuition

    Set includes:
    • 1 x Pair of crystal numerology dice
    • Luxe handmade satin pouch

      Crystals with Love & Intention: We intuitively choose your dice and as we pack your order we lovingly cleanse your items and set them with the intention of being for your highest good.

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