78 Stars is a place of healing and empowerment with a sprinkle of sass. Blending Spirituality & Self Care to bring you the best of both worlds. We offer items that are intentionally sourced to enhance your life.

Owned by your fave sisters Ellisha & Sharni. Two Scorpio sun's set to break the rules and burn outdated ideals. In the Westside of Melb where we live, there were no spirituality shops... so the universe sent instructions. Do it... and we did. With Ellisha's background in logistics and retail management and Sharni's background in nursing and retail management, we fused our skill set and lit the matches. We started our biz with no money, no loans and no bullsh*t. We've been eco-friendly from day 1 and we make it a point to deliver on our sh*t. We do everything ourselves and we enjoy every second of it, even when we're bickering. It's all love after all.

Initially we started at local markets in the summer of '19. Shortly after we set the plan and built our online store which launched in May '20. Our goal is to create the West's best spirituality store and healing space. We plan to open a store in Werribee and do it in our own way... and you best believe we gon' do it. 

Being naturally connected to the other side means that its important to us to honour the esoteric and do it in a way that's authentic to us. Which is why 78 is a balance of cheeky and fun but its also packed full of knowledge. 78 is all about honouring what is of your highest good. In our store we've integrated spirituality with self care because there is no separation between these aspects. It's a lifestyle. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you will ever do.

Our belief system is simple, celebrate the universe and live everyday like it's your birthday. We know you love signs and synchronicities and that you want the juicy deets... Sharni has always been the black sheep of the fam. She has a Capricorn moon and was blessed with a Cap stellium so ovbs she's the GOAT. She was due on 11:11 but arrived fashionably late claiming 12:11 as her b'day. She loves the weird and wild. When she’s not in the lab crafting ideas, you’ll find her outside exploring and talking to animals. Ellisha was born on 11:11 - The super sweet chill one... until provoked, such a classic Aries Moon archetype. Her motto is "never back down... unless it's snack time." She loves to travel and explore. She's the life of the party, even if it's just her on her own on the dancefloor under neon lights serenading a stranger.

Sharni got her first crystal from a beachside bookshop at the age of 14, it was a Tiger's Eye tumble that came out of a kid's bubble gum machine. Ellisha was pulled to the dark side of spirituality when her sis gifted her a stunning Spirit Quartz for her 21st b'day. The story isn't as simple as just getting your first crystal and things magically falling into place. That would be nice, but healing ain't a track meet, it's a marathon. You with us?

The truth is healing is gritty and just like our fave crystals we're rough around the edges, but we shine anyways and we encourage yo' sexy ass to do the same! 78 Stars is here to help you along your journey. Breakin' the stigmas associated with spirituality and taking it back to real community roots. #LetThemEatTheDamnCake

Thank you for showing love to our baby. Your support for our biz means the absolute most to us - E & S.