You know when you're feeling down, nervous, excited or trying to manifest something and you grab your fave crystal? Well, while they're giving you all of their glorious energy you're infusing your energy into them too. Which is why its important to regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals.

What Is Cleansing & Charging? Cleansing your crystals clears out the energy you've put into them and resets the crystals to their natural frequencies so they can work their magic. Charging the crystals helps you to better connect with them and allows them to have even more power in the way that they work with you.

How Do I Cleanse & Charge My Crystals? Just like each of us, each crystal is unique and they have different ways that they like be cleansed and recharged. When cleansing and charging your crystals its important to be intentional with your energy. Centre yourself and ensure you have a clear mind, you may even choose to have a dedicated space to place your crystals while they are being charged. Make it fun and a "you time" activity that you can look forward too and enjoy. 

How Often Do I Cleanse My Crystals? The more you work with your crystals, the more cleansing they may require because they are soaking up your energy and the energy of the environment and other people that you come into contact with. The more you use your crystals the easier your cleansing and charging routine will become. Read below for our cleansing and charging recommendations.

Cleansing In Water
Strong non-soluble crystals can be cleansed under running water for no longer than a few minutes. Spring water is recommended but tap water is also suitable. The general guideline is that the crystals ending in 'ite' e.g. Angelite, Selenite, Malachite, etc. it should not be cleansed in water.
If cleansing in water, recharging in sunlight or moonlight works like a charm.

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Cleansing In Brown Rice
Rice has a long-standing history with many culture's around the globe experiencing great benefits from its healing properties. Numerous cultures believe that rice strengthens spiritual health, assists to attain knowledge, grants abundance, creates an everlasting bond between couples and even provides assistance with fertility.

With knowing the benefits of brown rice, grab a bowl (preferably glass) and pour enough rice in there to emerge your crystal in it. Leave your crystal in the rice overnight. 8-12 hours is enough to remove all the previous energy that was in the crystal. Once the crystal is cleansed, make sure to dispose or compost the rice. Recharging in sunlight works best for crystals that have been cleansed using rice!

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Cleansing With Sound
It is said that sound healing has been around before the time medicine was created to help cure many illnesses. Using a singing bowl, tuning fork, or tingshas can be a powerful way to transmute negative vibrations and raise the crystals energy back to its natural frequency.

To protect the crystal ensure to be gentle. When using singing bowls its best to hold the crystal above the bowl or place it inside whilst playing. When using tuning forks or tingshas its best to place the crystal on a flat surface and play above and around the crystal. This method can be useful if you have many crystals to cleanse in a short amount of time. After cleansing with sound, recharging crystals in sunlight soaks up all the good vibes!

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Return to Earth
Returning the crystal back to Earth is a deep cleansing method. It will clear all energies that have been placed into the crystal and bring the crystal back to its highest natural frequency. If you have crystals that have been overworked, you can leave it buried for up to a week for a deep cleanse. Make sure you mark the spot of where you buried your crystal so its easy to find. After unearthing the crystal charging them in sunlight works like magic.

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Using a smudge stick or incense, let the smoke run all over your crystal. As the smoke touches the crystal it will cleanse it, and as the smoke drifts away, it will pull out all previous energy. This method can be useful if you have many crystals to cleanse in a short amount of time. Recharging in sunlight or moonlight is great after using a smudge stick.

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Cleansing With Fire
Calling out to all the fire signs for this one! Carefully light a candle and use the flame to cleanse your crystal by carefully holding your crystal above the flame. If you don't have a candle or you just don't like fire, you can visualise your crystal surrounded by white light and this will purify it. Recharge in sunlight for this method can be really powerful.

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Cleansing With Crystals 
Selenite is well known for being one of the only crystals that can cleanse and charge all crystals. Lay your crystal on top of selenite for as long as you feel is needed or you can wave some selenite above your crystals to cleanse them. 
Blue Kyanite, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Shaman Quartz, and Carnelian can also cleanse and recharge smaller crystals by waving it in a back and forth motion over your crystals. (
Although Citrine is a self-cleanser, it also benefits from being regularly cleansed) Tip: If you have the same crystal in a small and large form, place the smaller one on top of your larger one to recharge itself.

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Cleansing Using Salt *Read Carefully*
Unless Halite, we recommend not cleansing your crystals in salt as it damages the crystal. You can however use a mix method of salt and dirt in a pot plant to cleanse crystals of the Quartz, Jasper and Agate families. It's best to use more dirt than salt. Leave overnight for 6-12 hours for the most effective results. Charging in sunlight works great after using this cleansing method.