Balance ∙ Harmony ∙ Spirituality

About: Amethyst brings relaxation and balance into your life. It radiates harmony and all around good vibes. This amazing crystal is the og third eye enhancer. She'll soothe your soul while allowing you to deepen your intuition.

History: Amethyst is renowned  for its meditative properties. The word Amethyst is derived from "Amethystos" an ancient Greek word meaning: not to be intoxicated. Eluding to the seduction of addictive habits, people and material possessions. In ancient times people would carry Amethyst to help relieve their troubles and ease their mind, but they would also carry it to help physically purge alcohol and toxins from their bodies. Amethyst has also been used to call in soul mates. It is the stone of St Valentine and many would wear it as a symbol of love. It has been used to signify true love and also to aid in rituals to repair relationships of love that had been lost. 

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown Chakras

  • Reduces cravings and addictions
  • Relieves headaches, anxiety and stress
  • Balances wayward energy to calm you
  • Enhances intuition and spiritual practices
  • Protects against nightmares and psychic attacks

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