Blessings ∙ Protection ∙ Guidance

About: Align with blessings and loving guidance from your guardian Angels. Angelite aids in communication with the spirit realm, it can be used to enhance meditation and dreamwork. Angelite is very beneficial for healing pain during times of grief and hardship. Those who wear this crystal are said to be surrounded by the strongest Angelic protection.

History: Angelite is made of Anhydrite and Sulphate - it is a form of Celestite that has been compressed inside the earth for million's of years. It acts as a conduit to connect you to your angels and allow you to feel safe. Often worn as a talisman, the energy it carries is connected to the fifth ray of healing, knowledge and truth. 

Chakras: Crown, Throat, and Heart Chakras

  • Clears past trauma from the heart
  • Shields against energetic attacks
  • Helps you to connect with your angels
  • Supports those experiencing loss or grief
  • Enhances clairaudience, sound healing and meditation

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