Soothing ∙ Truth ∙ Self-Expression


About: Apatite works wonders for those experiencing difficulty with expressing themselves. It is connected to truth and freedom. Apatite’s deep blue colour is associated with intuitive qualities. It allows you to come to terms with feelings you have buried and begin to express them in a healthy way.

History: Apatite is a form of Tourmaline that contains minerals made of the same properties that are found in teeth and bones. The name Apatite was derived from the Greek word “Apatao” - which means to mislead, to cheat, or to deceive. This name was given to this crystal because it was often mistaken for other forms of Tourmaline and Beryl in the 1700's. The irony is that Apatite actually helps people to tell the truth and express themselves. It brings deeper hidden knowledge of the self to the surface and allows you to express them in a healthy way.

Chakras: Throat and Root Chakras

  • Grounds conflicting energy so you can speak up
  • Reveals truths that others may be attempting to hide
  • Protects the throat and supports you to express yourself
  • Helps your opinion to be understood clearly
  • Reduces irritability and the urge to react to negativity

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