Insight ∙ Adaptation ∙ Encouragement

About: Clearing away doubts and inhibitions Arfvedsonite will show you the path that is in alignment with your soul. It is a crystal that sheds light on unknown situations and helps you to determine where is most beneficial to place your time and energy. It can help those who have experienced failure to adapt and move beyond their past limitations. Get knocked down... get up again.

History: Discovered in 1823, Arfvedsonite is a member of the amphibole mineral family. It is only known to be found in under ten places around the world and is considered to be a rarer crystal.

Chakras: Universal and Third Eye Chakras

  • Rapidly increases your ability to tap into your intuition
  • Helps you to align with your souls true desires
  • Clears away distortions to expand consciousness
  • Teaches you to release inhibitions that are holding you back
  • Builds your ability to become resilient through hardships 

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