Protection ∙ Stability ∙ Healing

About: Black Obsidian is made of naturally formed volcanic glass. It offers deep protection and energetic grounding. If you feel lethargic for no apparent reason, it may be due to an energetic blockage created by ongoing stresses. Obsidian removes the effects of negativity and assists to release blockages that are preventing you from fully using your energy. It protects against harm and will help your body to relax and regenerate. It can help you to feel calm and safe when you feel as though you're under attack. A totally badass stone to work with! It'll hold your hand as you purge out toxic behaviours, people and patterns.

History: Coming soon.

Chakra: Root Chakra

  • Helps to ground hyperactive thoughts
  • Protects you from harm and helps you feel calm
  • Helps you to remove negativity from your energy system
  • Allows you to feel relaxed and can assist you to regenerate
  • Decreases toxic behaviours and how they impact your life
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