Strength ∙ Protection ∙ Stamina

About: Black Onyx is a very protective crystal. If you feel unmotivated or energetically drained Black Onyx will pull out all the negativity that is affecting you. It generates strength and stamina and will have you back on your grind in no time. A perfect addition to your collection to clear out stagnate energy and add some motivation to your lifestyle.

History: The myth of how Black Onyx was created - The goddess Venus sat lounging on the bed of the river Indus. As she begins to sleep, Cupid appeared. He did not wish to wake the goddess, he admired her in her restful state. Cupid wanted to appease Venus as she ruled the dominion of love and beauty. So, he began to use the tip of his enchanted arrows to give her a manicure. The shavings of her nails gracefully fell into the sacred river and as they shed from her body, they started to lose their glow and began to crystallise. Once the shavings entered the water they transformed into onyx.

Chakra: Root Chakra

  • Protects you/your home from harm
  • Helps provide calmness by grounding energy
  • Assists with elevating your mindset
  • Releases anxiety surrounding relationships
  • Helps to build strength in relationships

Cleanse: Energy from your palms. Sage or Palo Santo. Selenite. Blue Kyanite. Water. Cleansing mists. For more information on cleansing click here.

Charge: Energy from your palms. Selenite. In Moonlight.

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