Protection ∙ Purification ∙ Grounding

About: Black Tourmaline aka your personal body guard. Tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals you'll find. It has potent grounding properties and it purifies the aura by removing negative energy. It can help to bring a sense of safety into your life, aids in relief of trauma and helps to prevent nightmares.

History: Coming soon.

Chakra: Root Charka

  • Protects you against harm
  • Offers protection in the home
  • Purifies negative attachments
  • Helps to release blockages
  • Assists to prevent nightmares
  • Can aid in trauma work and healing
  • Grounds stressful thoughts
  • Shields your auric field from toxic people
  • Great protection for intuitive and healing work 
  • Known to help you overcome painful situations
  • Can be useful for those who are experiencing grief
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