Healing. Intention. Surrender.

Blue Quartz is associated with the higher chakras. It helps us tune into our own divine frequency and release the pressures of everyday life. This crystal will help you to be more present in your day to day activities, and it'll also help you to not be so harsh on yourself.

History: Blue Quartz is linked to the higher realms through emotion and intuition. It is part of the Quartz mineral family and thus amplifies healing properties. Its natural blue-white colouring is very soothing and its inclusions can be a mix of magnesioriebeckite, crocidolite or tourmaline. So it will poses elements of each of their crystalline properties to create a beautiful hybrid of soothing, protective and healing energy.

Chakras: Throat and Soul Star Chakras.


  • Assists with healing
  • Helps you to build trust
  • Enhances focus and intention
  • Amplifies manifestation practices
  • Creates a safe environment
  • Helps to explore your dreams
  • Prevents harm to energy sensitive people
  • Releases tension from the throat
  • Said to prevent illness caused by anxiety
  • Brings harmony and balance to chaotic situations
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