Calmness ∙ Courage ∙ Confidence

About: Blue Spot Jasper is known for being the Warrior Stone. It reduces anxiety and allows you to feel the courage and confidently express yourself. Such a lovely crystal for self-empowerment. Its energy radiates soothing qualities and promotes emotional clarity. 

History: Blue Spot Jasper is often mistaken for Sodalite, and while they may look similar, they carry totally different energies. Although it is a calming crystal, Blue Spot Jasper works more within the realm of self-empowerment. It contains small blue spots of Tourmaline and Quartz, thus generating the name Blue Spot Jasper. Known for being the Warrior Stone because it helps its wearer to gain the determination to fight against addictions and harmful energies. 

Chakra: Root, Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras

  • Supports emotional confidence
  • Creates balance between yin and yang energies
  • Helps to verbally express feelings
  • Communicates inner desires
  • Reduces the desire to neglect priorities
  • Helps to release toxic connections
  • Prevents addictive behaviour
  • Promotes responsibility
  • Calms your mind from overstimulation
  • Creates emotional clarity
  • Helps to signify when to act

Cleanse: Energy from your palms. Sage or Palo Santo. Selenite. Blue Kyanite. Water. Cleansing mists. For more information on cleansing click here.

Charge: Energy from your palms. Selenite. In Moonlight.

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