Grounding. Wealth. Motivation.

Bronzite blends the best of both worlds. Its grounding and also helps you to focus on what you know you want, buh bye indecisiveness, hello happiness and wealth. Its connected to the root chakra and has grounding qualities that help to motivate you to focus on your goals and plan to achieve them in a way that won't stress you out.

History: Bronzite contains very potent protective properties. In ancient times the Romans used Bronzite in a powdered alchemical mixture to ease the mind of distress. It was said to protect against psychic attack from ones enemies, and also prevent harm from evil spirits. Mainly it was used for cathartic purposes, so that those who needed to move forward were relieved from issues that daunted their minds.

Chakra: Crown and Root Chakras.


  • Helps you to stay motivated
  • Assists with drawing in wealth
  • Allows you to focus on setting achievable goals
  • Helps you to make decisions
  • Grounds conflicting energy
  • Helps you to tap into your inner strength
  • Promotes logical thinking
  • Prevents irrational decision making
  • Great for avoiding conflicts in the workplace
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