Tranquillity ∙ Perspective ∙ Opportunities

About: Pain is never really a choice to experience but it happens, and we do have to deal with it on the daily. Whether its deep pain or something smaller, Chrysocolla can help you to shift your perspective, focus on releasing the pain and bringing love back into your life.

History: The name Chryscolla is derived from the Greek words "Chrysos" meaning gold, and "Kola" meaning glue. This combination represents the connection this crystal has to the heart chakra and its ability to heal all burdens through the power of love.

Chakra: Heart Chakra


  • Can assist with healing the heart
  • Brings in perspective
  • Helps to build self-love
  • Aids in forgiveness
  • Helps people to take responsibility for their actions
  • Said to help in recovery from violence
  • Helps to release anger
  • Can be used to transition into a new phase of life
  • Loving energy that draws in good relationships
  • Beneficial for calling in new beginnings and opportunities 

Cleanse: Energy from your palms. Sage or Palo Santo. Selenite. Blue Kyanite. For more information on cleansing click here.

Charge: Energy from your palms. Selenite. In Moonlight.

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