Joy. Healing. Prosperity.

Chyrosprase is connected to water energy and helps heal emotions. It restores joy and offers spiritual prosperity by allowing you to heal from unreleased wounds. This crystal is connected to the heart chakra and will help you to re-align with your true nature.

History: Chrysoprase is a crystal of the heart. It's been used for centuries to foster relationships and call in new love and opportunities. The ancient Greeks, Romans & Egyptians used this magical crystal to create jewellery, signets, seals and other totems because of its prosperous nature.

Chakra: Heart Chakra.


  • Helps with healing
  • Builds self-love
  • Helps to release old wounds
  • Brings in forgiveness
  • Helps to release relationships losses
  • Encourages you to build stable connections
  • Can help to improve relationships with family members
  • Offers guidance in communicating your feelings
  • Brings joy to those who are struggling with motivation
  • Can be used to bring in prosperity for business ventures
  • Assists you to listen to your emotions rather than suppress them
  • Can be used to bring in new love connections 
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