Strength ∙ Courage ∙ Friendship

About: Dragon Stone carries a strong connection to the Dragon spirit animal. It is a benevolent warrior stone, full of wisdom and love. It is said that only the stronghearted make for the purest warriors and that if a Dragon chooses you to bear their spirit magic you will always triumph in the face of darkness. A part of the Epidote crystal family, Dragonstone amplifies energy from the heart space. It can be used to empower you through karmic cycles and help to heal issues you'd rather not confront in your relationships. The Dragon Stone crystal helps to elevate fear, it produces stamina, protects the heart and mind and progresses the one who works with it through transitions that seem impossible to conquer. It is a stone associated with friendship and courage and can also be beneficial for astral travel as the Dragon spirit animal can move through many spaces with ease.

History: Dragonstone is part of the Epidote crystal family. The distinguished colouring through it is red Piemontite. Legend has it that the blood of the Dragons that once lived upon the physical plane is energetically imprinted into these crystals. This is why Dragonstone carries potent spirit medicine from the Dragon. If you seek the Dragon as a spirit guide and it chooses to connect with you, working with this crystal can offer an anchor to the connection and allow for clear communication to the signs that your Dragon guide offers.

Chakras: Heart and Crown Chakras

  • Helps you to conquer your dreams
  • Protects and harmonises the mind and heart
  • Connected to the spirit medicine of the dragon
  • Removes fears and the unnerving effects of the ego
  • Strengthens bonds of connections to friends and loved ones

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