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About: Dumortierite - aka Druid's Stone. Great for those seeking deeper wisdom and hidden knowledge. Dumortierite helps you to accept lessons and hidden truths. Great for healers and truth seekers alike it will guide you along your journey and ensure that you experience a wealth of wisdom and growth.

History: Dumortierite aka the Druid's Stone. This crystal contains mystical properties and is tied into occult knowledge and wisdom. It has an alchemical sense about it because it has been used for centuries in divining practices. From fortune telling to channelled writing, healing work, and astrology... this crystal has made its mark throughout history by being used as a talisman for spiritual truth.

Chakras: Crown and Third Eye Chakras


  • Helps to express truth
  • Said to enhance cognition
  • Connected to universal knowledge
  • Beneficial for spiritual practices
  • Helps with divination
  • Assists to bring ideas into creation
  • Can elevate thought processing
  • Said to draw in wealth to fund new projects
  • Helpful to create new opportunities
  • Balances the Crown and Third Eye chakras
  • Connects you to inner guidance
  • Draws in good fortune to those who are studying/working within the medical, humanitarian or legal fields

Cleanse: Energy from your palms. Sage or Palo Santo. Selenite. Blue Kyanite. For more information on cleansing click here.

Charge: Energy from your palms. Selenite. In Moonlight.

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