Elegance. Achievements. Compassion.

Emerald is a regal crystal that promotes elegance and grants compassion. You can use this beautiful crystal to steer yourself into alignment with your goals and plan the best way to achieve them.

History: Emerald has been associated with royalty and nobility for centuries. During the Elizabethan era it was most notably worn inside clothing and armour to grant fortune and compassion to its wearer. 

Chakras: Heart Chakra.


  • Grants compassion
  • Brings a sense of elegance to your life
  • Helpful during communication to prevent misunderstandings
  • Said to help you draw in good fortune
  • Can be used to motivate you to work towards future goals
  • Helps to align new opportunities
  • Protection for relationships
  • Helpful for heart healing
  • Good to gift someone who is starting a new job
  • Signifies love and brings more love into your life

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