Communication. Concentration. Improvement.

Goethite helps with communication. It will improve your life by removing distractions. If you are having difficulty focusing or concentrating it will work to strengthen your mind. Goethite can also be used to enhance clairaudient abilities.

History: Goethitie is often found as an inclusion in Super 7. For more info read Super 7.

Chakra: Heart Chakra.


  • Removes the fear of being pressured
  • Helps with communication
  • Prevents distractions from interfering with decision making
  • Said to strengthen cognitive function
  • Helps to break trauma cycles
  • Creates excitement for those that have become apathetic
  • Works to help you heal fear of relationships failing
  • Helps you to be firm in your decisions
  • Can be used to enhance clairaudience
  • Said to help with concentration
  • Protects against self-sabotaging behaviours

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