Abundance. Success. Positivity.

Mo money, less problems. Green Aventurine is known for bringing good luck and money into your life. It’s great for business ventures and for manifesting wealth. Being the stone of natural abundance Green Aventurine is a perfect tool for goal-getters, its positivity and luck will magnify your desires and pull them into your life.

History: Coming soon.

Chakra: Heart Chakra.


  • Brings prosperity and abundance into your life
  • Creates a positive home-life
  • Can help you to attain growth and success
  • Helpful to bring in new relationships
  • Magnifies manifestation rituals
  • Said to help with business ventures
  • Protects against those who wish you bad fortune
  • Helps to work through unresolved issues
  • Can be used to release lack mentality
  • Good for those who are starting a new job
  • Decreases fear of rejection
  • Soothes those who have not received closure

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