Protection. Freedom. Confidence.

Jet helps to remove indecisiveness. It gives you the strength to clear out any judgement or guilt you may be feeling, so you can make decisions without worrying. Jet also assists to overcome heartache. It provides feelings of safety after trust has been broken and helps to re-build your self-confidence.

History: Coming soon.

Chakra: Root Chakra.


  • Offers protection to you and your home
  • Helps to release guilt
  • Assists to re-build self-confidence
  • Said to help with tough decisions
  • Will help to repair relationships
  • Clears judgement and worry from the aura
  • Can be used to overcome heartache
  • Helpful for those who have had their trust broken
  • Promotes a sense of freedom to those seeking independence
  • Protects against nightmares
  • Grounds fearful energy

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