Grounding. Healing. Protection.

Lava stone contains deep grounding qualities. It is connected to the elements of earth and fire. It was formed from the fire of volcanic rock. Offering stability, protection and healing - Lave Stone can be used to pull toxic energy from the body and filter it to the earth for transmutation.

History: Coming soon.

Chakra: Root Chakra.


  • Transmutes dense energy
  • Removes conflicts
  • Helps to deal with problematic people
  • Teaches you to enforce boundaries
  • Removes toxic patterns from your life
  • Reduces the desire to avoid change
  • Brings in stability
  • Said to be beneficial for detoxing the body
  • Helps to regulate your energy
  • Said to help with fatigue
  • Grounds unstable energy
  • Protects against harmful people

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