Trauma Healing. Nurturing. Stability.

Lazulite is a nurturing crystal that helps to ease the effects of trauma. It's calming energy soothes the mind when it becomes overactive with intrusive thoughts, relieving tension and over-stimulation so you can rest. Lazulite is connected to the crown and third eye chakras. In troubled times it can help us to see past the situation and into the stability of the future.

History: Coming soon.

Chakras: Crown and Throat Chakras.


  • Boosts your mood
  • Brings positivity into your life
  • Can be helpful when dealing with angry people
  • Protects the throat chakra
  • Aids in communication
  • Helps with visualisation
  • Good for a relaxing night's sleep
  • Helps to enhance your intuition
  • Said to help reduce confusion
  • Calms those with anxiety and depression
  • Helps to transition through unwanted change
  • Can be used for astral projection

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