Intuition ∙ Soul Knowledge ∙ Harmonisation

About: Record Keeper Sapphires are sacred crystals that have triangles embedded in them - the sacred symbol of the triangle connects you to your souls records. These crystals hold energetic information of past lives and lives from other realms. If you want to know why your soul has chosen specific lessons that display as repeating patterns in your life, these powerful crystals can help you to gain insight and overcome long-standing difficulties. To tap into the information simply run your fingers across the small embedded ridges in the crystal. Record Keeper Sapphires will also enhance your intuition at a fast rate. Meditate with this crystal or place it under your pillow to increase clairvoyant abilities.

History: The Sapphire is apart of the Corundum mineral family. Record Keeper Sapphires are sacred crystals that bridge the connection to your souls history. They have naturally formed triangles engraved into the stone that makes them unique. The triangle is an ancient symbol that has long been associated with universal knowledge. These special crystals attune you to higher consciousness. If you actively work with a Record Keeper Sapphire to integrate your karma, it may also allow you to tap into a higher frequency and begin to reveal universal knowledge to you.

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown Chakras


  • Connects you to your souls records
  • Restores your sense of direction when you're feeling lost
  • Assists you to over come karmic patterns with patience and understanding
  • Helps you to understand issues that have been effecting you for longe periods
  • Enhances the ability to understand information delivered through the third eye

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