Awareness ∙ Control ∙ Stability

About: Get in touch with your instincts. Spider Web Jasper initiates connection to the Earth's meridian grids. Gently grounded your senses and attuning your awareness to the energetic flow of life. It reveals the threads that tie all things together and will help you to feel calm about your position in the world. Encouraging you to look beyond limitations and illusions, Spider Jasper will help you to feel stable within a flawed system. It works wonders to heal nervous systems that have endured consistent conflict and trauma and will help you to feel in control of your destiny.

History: history here

Chakras: Earth Star and Root Chakra

  • Offers insight through connection to the Earth's meridians
  • Gently grounds wayward energy so you feel safe and stable
  • Assists to calm hyperactive and intrusive thoughts
  • Heals nervous systems that have endured traumatic experiences
  • Helps you to better understand your destiny and life path

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