WTF Are Crystals?
Magic would be the simple answer. Crystals are magic gifted from mother nature. They are called crystals because of their unique cellular crystalline structure. Each one is beautiful in its own way and has multiple purposes or energy frequencies. The basic and easy way to look it is, 1. All crystals are healing & 2. All crystals provide protection - they just do it in different ways. Which is perfect really because every person is different and has different needs. Me for example? I need Black Tourmaline, but for some its too strong and they might need something softer like Dalmatian Jasper. 

How Do I Use Them?
Any way you wish. Literally. Throw the rules out the window. Your crystals are yours and you, do you. If you want to meditate with them, cool, if you want to use them in healings, wonderful, if you want to carry them in your bra or pocket, great, if you wanna put em' all over your house just to stare at them, even better, just treat em' right and they'll work for you in the way they are meant too.

Why Are There So Many Shapes?
Because people love options and each shape gives you a different, mmmm, base to work with. I mean, ok, there is a far more esoteric answer, but again lets keep it simple. Refer back to lesson #1 - All crystals are healing & all crystals provide protection... Pyramids work like transmitters. Generators conduct energy. Points focus direction. DT Points transmute energy. Spheres hold hidden knowledge. Clusters are for spiritual expansion. Hearts encompass love. Geodes spread positive energy. Raw pieces connect us to our roots. Seer Stones are for divination. Tumbles, like us, are little parts of bigger magic.

Who The Heck Is Sage?
Sage, my dear is your bff... but if she's more like a frenemy for you (because you don't like her scent, not sure why tho...) then you always have Palo and like a million other cleansing options to work with. We sage or smudge our crystals to clear out the energy that they've been collecting or counteracting. This keeps them nice and happy so they can make more good vibes.

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals?
You can use sage, palo santo, literal dirt from the beautiful earth beneath you, sprays, incense, fire, salt water, moon cycles and even sunlight to cleanse your crystals. Just make sure you check which type of crystal can be cleansed using which method, because water for example can splinter some crystals. It just depends on what you're working with. If unsure msg us or check good ol' Dr. Google.

We Take Care Of Your Crystals 4 U
Because we love you, we ensure to continuously cleanse all of the crystals, and we mean ALL of them. We respect them and keep them nice so that they work in a loving way for you. We usually select a bunch to charge up under different moon cycles, because like we said we look after them & when you work in the business of vibes you gotta respect the trade.

Crystals With Love & Intention
We make, not take... make the time to cleanse your crystals as we pack your order, and we set them with the intention of being of your highest good. If you are shopping for someone else, don't worry! It will still work perfectly. Through being of your highest good, your connection to said lucky person who is receiving awesome new crystals, allows the intention to be of their highest good. Plus if you wanna, you can just set the crystals with loving intention before you gift them . Win win.

P.s If you want more info about a certain crystal check out this wonderful guide we prepared earlier for you by clicking right here, or if you would like some awesome gift suggestions click here. Alternatively you can always message us at

Lots of love xxx