Amazonite: Courage. Strength. Protection. Amazonite is a traditional warrior stone. It grants strength, integrity and honour to those who use it. This powerful crystal supports self-expression. It will empower you to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Amazonite is also a very prosperous stone. It will help you to hone in on your desires and fearlessly follow your path.

Amethyst: Balance. Harmony. Spirituality. Amethyst brings relaxation and balance into your life. It radiates harmony and all around good vibes. This amazing crystal is the og third eye enhancer. She'll soothe your soul while allowing you to deepen your intuition. Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

Ametrine: Balance. Power. Fortune. Ametrine contains both yin and yang energy. It's made of quartz, amethyst and citrine. It carries each of these crystal properties - healing, balance, power and fortune. Its versatility can also be useful to reduce cravings and overcome addictions.

Angelite: Communication. Connection. Peace. Angelite offers you clear communication with your angels and guardians. It invites you to connect deeper with yourself and strengthen your intuition. It’s a very calming crystal and brings a sense of peace and loving support.

Apatite: Soothing. Expressive. Intuitive. Apatite works wonders for those experiencing difficulty with expressing themselves. It is connected to truth and freedom. Apatite’s deep blue colour is associated with intuitive qualities.  It allows you to come to terms with feelings you have buried and begin to express them in a healthy way. 

Aquamarine: Communication. Innovation. Destiny. Aquamarine is useful for communication. It helps to express creative energy by inspiring innovation and free-thinking. This beautiful crystal will help you to visualise new concepts and bring them to fruition. Aquamarine is also a great crystal for protection as it works to calm bad tempered people from doing harm unto you.

Aura Amethyst: Spirituality. Harmony. Love. Aura Amethyst has all the beautiful qualities of amethyst with a little added boost of light. This relaxing crystal brings a sense of harmony to your environment. Its deeply connected to spirituality and will fill your house with love.

Black Obsidian: Protection. Stability. Healing. Obsidian is made of naturally formed volcanic glass. It offers deep protection and energetic grounding. It’ll hold your hand as you purge out toxic behaviours, people and patterns.

Black Onyx: Strength. Protection. Stamina. Black Onyx is very protective. If you feel unmotivated or energetically drained Black Onyx will pull out all the negativity that is affecting you. It generates strength and stamina and will have you back on your grind in no time.

Black Opal: Power. Protection. Divination. Black Opal protects our energy by anchoring into our innate power. It removes toxicity from our auric fields and acts as a shield to ward off negative energy that is directed at us. This powerful stone is known to help in divination and can help you to call in your desires.

Black Tourmaline: Protection. Grounding. Purification. Black Tourmaline aka your personal body guard. Tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals you'll find. It has super potent grounding energy and it purifies the aura by removing negative energy. It can help to bring a sense of safety into your life, aids in relief of trauma and helps to prevent nightmares.

Bloodstone: Wisdom. Healing. Grounding. Bloodstone is a detoxifying and grounding crystal. It is said to assist with regulating blood disorders. Bloodstone helps to connect to your ancestors and to heal toxic and karmic patterns. Connect with this crystal to call upon their wisdom and guidance.

Blue Agate: Connection. Clarity. Grounding. Perfect to ground those with short attention spans or for someone experiencing difficulty concentrating. Blue agate is grounding in a calm and soothing manner. It helps us to be still and make clear decisions.

Blue Calcite: Creativity. Calming. Cleansing. Release anxiety with beautiful Blue Calcite. This crystal inspires creativity, cleanses the aura and calms the mind and body. It will help you to express your feelings in a healthy way by offering emotional protection and clarity. This crystal also is perfect for quieting the mind before bed so you feel rested and rejuvenated.

Blue Quartz: Healing. Intention. Surrender. Blue Quartz is associated with the higher chakras. It helps us tune into our own divine frequency and release the pressures of everyday life. This crystal will help you to be more present in your day to day activities, and it'll also help you to not be so harsh on yourself.

Blue Spot Jasper: Calm. Courage. Confidence. Blue Spot Jasper is super calming. It reduces anxiety by allowing you to feel the courage to confidently express yourself. Such a lovely crystal for relaxation and self care.

Blue Tiger Eye: Optimism. Strength. Calmness. When you need the strength of tiger eye, and the calmness that blue coloured crystals carry, you need Blue Tiger Eye. This crystal is a beautiful combination of strength and calming energy. It will meet you at your level and inject some much-needed optimism into your life. 

Bronzite: Grounding. Wealth. Motivation. Bronzite literally blends the best of both worlds. Its grounding and also helps you to focus on what you know you want, buh bye indecisiveness, hello happiness and wealth. Its connected to the root chakra and has grounding qualities that help to motivate you.

Brecciated Jasper: Courage. Expansion. Success. This beautiful crystal assists you to work through fears. It opens and expands your perception of self, allowing you to tap into courage and attain personal growth and success.

Carnelian: Passion. Power. Action. Carnelian is one of the most fiery crystals you'll ever come across and we don’t mean that just because of its colour. Hold this bad boy in your hand and you’ll literally feel it radiating heat. It’s passionate and intense. Carnelian teaches you to harness your inner flame and become totally unapologetic in connecting with the divine masculine energy. It evokes action and confidence.

Chevron Amethyst: Balance. Relaxation. Spirituality. Chevron Amethyst radiates good vibes, she'll have you feelin' super chill. Say bye to stress and anxiety and hello to balance and relaxation. This beautiful crystal holds serene healing qualities and can help you with spiritual growth. Chevron Amethyst is also called Dream Amethyst. If you're having difficulty sleeping, simply place this under your pillow before bed and you'll be dreaming of Jason Mamoa in no time.

Chlorite: Reflection. Appreciation. Luck. Chlorite helps you to reflect and learn from the past. It grants you appreciation for the journey you are on and brings luck into your life.

Chyrosprase: Joy. Healing. Prosperity. Chyrosprase is connected to water energy and helps heal emotions. It restores joy and offers spiritual prosperity by allowing you to heal from unreleased wounds. This crystal is connected to the heart chakra and will help you to re-align with your true nature.

Chrysocolla: Tranquillity. Perspective. Opportunities. Pain is never really a choice to experience but it happens, and we do have to deal with it on the daily. Whether its deep pain or something smaller, Chrysocolla can help you to shift your perspective, focus on releasing the pain and bringing love back into your life.

Citrine: Abundance. Confidence. Clarity. Good vibes all around, Citrine amplifies the universal powers of manifestation so you can tap into your confidence and align with what you desire. It will bring abundance and goodness into your life.

Clear Quartz: Healing. Love. Protection. Clear Quartz is known for being the master healing crystal. It holds powerful healing and protective energies. This beautiful crystal radiates divine love. It strengthens your auric field to protect your energy. It also has the ability to amplify the energy of other crystals. So if you're seeking a dynamic duo, try this out with the crystal you are most drawn too and you'll create the perfect combo for what you need.

Dalmatian Jasper: Happiness. Protection. Balance. Dalmatian Jasper removes hardships by connecting us with our inner child. A great crystal for happiness and balance. Dalmatian Jasper crystal contains Black Tourmaline in tiny spots that offer protection and grounding. If Black Tourmaline or darker protective crystals are too strong for you Dalmatian Jasper is a great alternative.

Dumortierite: Wisdom. Truth. Power. Dumortierite - aka Druid's Stone. Great for those seeking deeper wisdom and hidden knowledge. Dumortierite helps you to accept lessons and hidden truths. Great for healers and truth seekers alike it will guide you along your journey. 

Emerald: Elegance. Achievements. Compassion. Emerald has long been associated with royalty and nobility. It was worn inside clothing and armour to grant fortune and compassion. You can use this to steer yourself into alignment with your goals and bring elegance into your life.

Fire Quartz: Passion. Illumination. Focus. Fire Quartz ignites passion and illuminates areas of you life that you can consciously improve. It is a very healing crystal that is connected to the Root and Sacral Chakras and is sometimes known as Red Healer Quartz for this reason. This gorgeous crystal contains deposits of hematite and limonite - when combined with quartz this reduces stress by enhancing mental focus and clarity. 

Garnierite: Self-Worth. Motivation. Relationships. Garnierite is connected to the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. It will help you to acknowledge your self-worth and motivates you to improve your relationships. This is a great crystal to work with if you need help to establish your boundaries and reclaim your power.

Goethite: Communication. Concentration. Improvement. Goethite helps with communication. It will improve your life by removing distractions. If you are having difficulty focusing or concentrating it will work to strengthen your mind. Goethite can also be used to enhance clairaudient abilities.

Goldstone: Luck. Creativity. Achievement. Goldstone encourages you to explore your potential. It brings a sweet sense of vital and pure energy into your life. If you’re feeling like you need some good luck grab yourself a piece of this. Creativity and the need to succeed, this crystal will give you a push towards achieving your long-term goals.

Green Amethyst: Strength. Balance. Abundance. Green Amethyst is connected to the heart chakra - it protects, strengthens, and cleanses this region within the body and aura. Being connected to the heart also makes it great for manifesting abundance and learning deeper spiritual truths.

Green Aventurine: Abundance. Success. Positivity. Mo money, less problems. Green Aventurine is known for bringing good luck and money into your life. It’s great for business ventures and for manifesting wealth. Being the stone of natural abundance Green Aventurine is a perfect tool for goal-getters, its positivity and luck will magnify your desires and pull them into your life. 

Green Fluorite: Focus. Advancement. Knowledge. Green fluorite enhances your natural spiritual abilities. Strengthen your intuition by working with this crystal. It will help you to focus when actively working on enhancing your own personal power and can calm overactive minds.

Green Zebra Jasper: Positivity. Peace. Ease. Good for easing intrusive thoughts and OCD. Green Zebra Jasper helps to alleviate fear and anxiety. This crystal will stabilise your energy and bring about a sense of peace and ease. Pop it in your pocket before work or class, or if you need to relax before doing any public speaking.

Grey Agate: Soothing. Cleansing. Security. Agate cleanses and strengthens the aura so you don’t have to worry about bullsh*t attaching itself to you. It assists to build mental clarity and harmony by releasing tension and conflict. It’s naturally soothing presence removes feelings of anger and replaces them with feelings of safety and security. 

Hematite: Grounding. Strength. Rejuvenation. Hematite is a solid game changer; it will ground you and connect you to deep inner strength. If you have a hard time being present in the moment or you’re in the midst of healing from some traumatic stuff, get yourself some hematite to ground and protect you.

Iolite: Harmony. Integrity. Intuition. Iolite is a mood booster. It enhances your intuition and allows you to utilise the truth of your inner knowing, so you only make choices from a place that benefits your highest good. Use this crystal to release any regrets and add harmony to your life.

Jet: Protection. Freedom. Confidence. Jet helps to remove indecisiveness. It gives you the strength to clear out any judgement or guilt you may be feeling, so you can make decisions without worrying. Jet also assists to overcome heartache. It provides feelings of safety after trust has been broken and helps to re-build your self-confidence.

Kiwi Stone: Tranquillity. Healing. Protection. Kiwi Stone helps you to acknowledge your own capabilities and face truths with ease. It offers healing and will help any negative patterns and habits fall away so your life can become more tranquil. Kiwi Stone also contains tiny deposits of Black Tourmaline - which bring you protection and grounding.

Kunzite: Love. Communication. Humility. Kunzite brings ease to your relationships by offering empathy and perspective through clear communication. Kunzite promotes humility and grants fairness. It teaches us to appreciate the little things and show love even when we are upset.

Labradorite: Mysticism. Adventure. Protection. The Aurora Borealis inside of a crystal, Labradorite contains pure magic and its surface shimmers to reflect this. This stunning crystal has long been associated with mysticism and adventure. It will inspire you to travel both spiritually and literally, and it will protect you along your journey.

Lapis Lazuli: Focus. Intellect. Awareness. Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of expansion and growth. Traditionally associated with intuition and psychic abilities, Lapis Lazuli promotes spiritual growth and vitality. It aids in creative expression, which makes it great for those in need of some inspiration and magic.

Larvakite: Insight. Acceptance. Action. Larvakite aka Norwegian Moonstone connects you to the insight you have been overlooking. It can be used to ground energy when you are feeling like there is chaos in your life or during eclipse season. Turn inspiration into action with this beautiful crystal.

Lava Stone: Grounding. Healing. Protection. Lava stone contains deep grounding qualities. It is connected to the elements of earth and fire. It was formed from the fire of volcanic rock. Offering stability, protection and healing - Lave Stone can be used to pull toxic energy from the body and filter it to the earth for transmutation.

Lazulite: Trauma Healing. Nurturing. Stability. Lazulite is a nurturing crystal that helps to ease the effects of trauma. It's calming energy soothes the mind when it becomes overactive with intrusive thoughts, relieving tension and over-stimulation so you can rest. Lazulite is connected to the crown and third eye chakras. In troubled times it can help us to see past the situation and into the stability of the future.

Lepidocrocite: Intelligence. Alignment. Creation. Lepidocrocite stimulates your intellectual abilities, helps to expand your mental awareness and memory retention. It centres your thoughts and energy so you can focus on what is truly important to you.

Lepidolite: Acceptance. Trust. Transition. The soothing energy of Lepidolite will help you to transition through difficult times. This crystal promotes trust, self-acceptance and self-love. It will remove excess of what you no longer need so that you can make room for what you want in your life.

Lodalite: Spirituality. Dreams. Healing. This crystal holds deep spiritual wisdom, guidance and protection. It amplifies healing on a deep level and purifies areas of toxicity, helping you to purge them. It offers deep spiritual insight and can be used to aid with sleep and dream recall.

Magnestite: Visualisation. Health. Meditation. Magnesite promotes health and vitality. It is said to assist with improving bone strength. This crystal helps you to improve your health and visualise what happiness means to you. It has a calming and soothing effect and can help you to relieve stress.

Mahogany Obsidian: Strength. Release. Grounding. Mahogany Obsidian was formed inside of volcanic rock - it helps to reduce anger and built up tension. It releases stress and grounds wayward energy back to the earth - so you can feel empowered.

Malachite: Abundance. Gifts. Blessings. Malachite brings prosperity and abundance into your life. Its rich energy generates wealth and helps you to focus on calling in gifts and blessings.

Mookaite: Optimism. Courage. Adventure. Mookite is a positive nudge of courage. If you're feeling nervous or anxious pop a piece of this in your pocket and it will help to switch your mindset. Mookite helps you to be optimistic and embrace new things. Perfect if you're going through new changes.

Moonstone: Peace. Transformation. Beauty. Moonstone is connected to the cycles of the moon. Its perfect for creating peace through times of great change and transformation. It holds a loving energy that will radiate and enhance the beauty in your life. This magical crystal will give you inner strength as you connect with your divine feminine energy.

New Jade: Detoxification. Awareness. Friendship. New Jade detoxifies relationships by dispelling fear and replacing it with awareness and willingness to allow change. This crystal is great for counteracting anxiety, promoting acceptance and drawing in new relationships and friendships.

Ocean Jasper: Relaxation. Healing. Acceptance. Good for when you really just need to chill. Ocean Jasper is plucked right out of the sea. Its presence is calming like the sound of gentle waves. It will ease your thoughts and lighten your emotions. 

Opal Aura Quartz: Magic. Fantasy. Potential. Opal aura will ignite your imagination and lead you to embrace the wonders of the world. Connected to the crown and heart chakras - Opal Aura will help you to connect with your natural potential and bring magic into your life.

Opalite: Communication. Spirituality. Wisdom. Opalite is a bright little mood booster. It enhances wisdom and communication - allowing you to feel calm when dealing with stressful situations.

Orange Calcite: Freedom. Faith. Joy. Orange calcite ignites the fire of freedom. When you feel like you have been tried and tested and your energy is depleted... Orange Calcite can help to restore your faith. Orange Calcite works to remind us of the bigger picture and the joys of life.

Orange Selenite: Empowerment. Hope. New Beginnings. Orange Selenite can help you to embrace new beginnings. It's related to the heart and sacral chakras and it’ll help you to have hope and feel empowerment in all areas of your life.

Peacock Ore: Happiness. Joy. Direction. This stunning crystal is named after the Peacock bird because it shimmers just like their lovely feathers. It brings joy, happiness and direction to your life.

Phosphosiderite: Zen. Love. Alignment. This beautiful crystal has powerful healing properties, it relieves stress and will have you totally zen. Phosphosiderite is connected to the third eye and heart chakras. It will help you to bring balance and alignment in your relationships, strengthening your bonds and bringing harmony into them.

Picasso Jasper: Inspiration. Joy. Passion. Picasso Jasper inspires us to turn mess into masterpiece. If you feel like things keep falling apart work with this crystal to transform pain into joy and despair into passion.

Picture Jasper: Beauty. Benevolence. Peace. Deeply connected to earth energy, Picture Jasper invokes beauty, benevolence and peace. It has a strong yet light energy. Useful for any who need grounding in a feminine and flowy way.

Pink Agate: Uplifting. Fun. Freedom. Pink Agate connects to feminine energy, she’s flirty and fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her goal is to allow you to be who you are without feeling guilty or judgemental. She cleanses your aura and lifts your spirits just like your fave 90’s throwback song.

Pink Aragonite: Insight. Focus. Happiness. Pink Aragonite strengthens the mind by balancing insight and focus. This beautiful crystal is connected to the heart chakra and offers loving guidance to those who seek the key to happiness. 

Pink Cats Eye: Empowerment. Secrets. Feminine Magic. Pink Cats Eye is related to the inner goddess. It enhances feminine magic. Knowledge, secrets, wisdom, healing, and love are all associated with pink cats eye. If you want some serious self-empowerment work with this crystal.

Pink Muscovite: Spirit Guides. Connection. Clarity. Pink Muscovite aids with all areas of the mind. It helps with abstract thinking & improves memory function. It can help you to have a deeper connection with your spirit guides and your higher self.

Pink Tourmaline: Self-Care. Protection. Confidence. Pink Tourmaline is soft yet strong. It holds deep healing and protective energy. It's connected to the heart chakra and can help to heal heartbreak. Use this to boost your mood and restore your faith in yourself.

Prehnite: Healing. Love. Light. In the wise words of Pac, after every dark night there is a brighter day. Prehnite is a crystal for the heart. It will guide you through the darkness, showing you how to appreciate the lessons and heal from the pain. You are pure light. You are pure love.

Purple Agate: Releasing. Manifesting.  Stability. This dreamy crystal helps us to lovingly release negative energy. It's great for manifesting and calling in stability. Purple agate assists with mental clarity and can ease anxiety, making it great for calming the nerves and providing peaceful rest for sleep.

Purple Fluorite. Protection. Dreams. Comfort. Purple Fluorite is a seriously protective crystal. It counteracts bad dreams by placing an energetic shield around you and your space. Like all fluorite, it has deep spiritual connections, it can help to strengthen your intuition and bring comfort during times of need.

Purpurite: Freedom. Intuition. Empowerment. Purpurite is absolutely magical, its vibrant colouring is natural and is connected to the third eye and crown chakras. This mystical beauty grants freedom from negative self talk. Enhances intuition and will encourage you to feel empowered through self love.

Pyrite: Abundance. Intellect. Protection. Pyrite draws prosperity and abundance into your life. It promotes intellect and supports memory function. Its deeply protective and repels negative people from wanting to be around you. So you can focus on living your best life and being abundant af.

Rainbow Fluorite: Mental Strength. Confidence. Intuition. Rainbow Fluorite is a beautiful crystal that aids in increasing mental strength and wellness. It's naturally calming effect clears out negativity and helps build self-confidence. This crystal is connected to the higher chakra's and can help to strengthen your intuitive abilities. 

Rainbow Hematite: Positivity. Grounding. Protection. This is the version of hematite that is great for children or super youthful spirits. Just like its big bro Hematite, it has deep grounding and protective qualities. It adds a shield around the energy field pulling in the good and dispelling the not so nice stuff.

Rainbow Moonstone: Magic. Presence. Divination. The moon holds a mysterious and alluring essence, and so does this beautiful crystal that is named after her. The rainbow reflective properties in moonstone carry old magic, within them resides universal knowledge and the key to the kingdom of the hidden-self. This crystal works within divination and life-cycles. Its energy is highly feminine, wise, and intuitive. Connect with your moonstone to access parts of your past that are ready to be released... so you can witness your future evolve right before your eyes. Now that’s what I call magic.

Red Jasper: Detoxification. Purity. Protection. They say jealousy is a green eyed monster, but man if you’ve ever seen red then you know what we’re saying. Yuck. No one wants that. That’s why we have red jasper. It dispels feelings like jealousy and nastiness, whether it be our own or coming from other people. You can shut that sh*t down real quick. 

Rhodonite: Glow. Freedom. Self-Love. The glow up is real. Rhodonite or the Glow Up crystal as we have affectionately nick-named it, works wonders to boost your self-confidence. It helps you to restore balance -  the pink represents Yin energy and the black represents Yang energy. Work with this crystal to balance your energy and focus on self-love.

Rose Quartz: Love. Innocence. Guidance. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. It connects you to your inner child and offers protection and guidance. Its beautiful soft yet potent energy will bring healing and balance to all areas of love in your life, from friendships to relationships and even self-love.

Rutile: Strength. Love. Growth. Rutile is a powerful crystal that can aid in the healing of all aspects of love. It assists you to transition through difficult times and calls loving energy into your life as you grow. This beautiful crystal dispels unwanted energy and helps you to align with what is for your highest good.

Selenite: Light. Purity. Protection. Selenite is pure white light in crystal form. It's immensely healing, calming and protective. Its pure essence brings each of these qualities in to your life. If you're experiencing pain, trauma or grief, Selenite can assist to stabilise your emotions. It cleanses your connections and prevents others from draining your energy. This crystal also cleanses your home and other crystals, simply place it in the area you want to call light and cleansing into.

Septarian: Transformation. Harmony. Wisdom. Septarian also called Dragon Stone, is a crystal deeply connected to transformation. It integrates our internal thoughts and external environment so that we can live harmoniously. This crystal will bring loving wisdom into your life and help you to transform desires into reality.

Sheen Obsidian: Healing. Protection. Self-Love. Sheen Obsidian is formed in volcanic glass. It offers deep protection and energetic grounding. It's connected to the heart and root chakra and supports emotional healing from trauma. It allows us to be more aware of our needs and improves self-love.

Shiva Lingam: Fertility. Rebirth. Gifts. Shiva Lingam is associated with fertility and femininity. It has long been used to connect to the womb and assist with divine healing. This beautiful crystal offers love, re-birth, and receptivity of divine gifts. 

Smoky Quartz: Protection. Wisdom. Grounding. Smoky quartz is a grounding and protective crystal. It will help you tap into your inner wisdom and give you strength during difficult times. It removes negative energy from your aura and will protect you from harm.

Sodalite: Calming. Change. Peace. Sodalite brings clarity to crowded thoughts. It invites peace and flow into your life. Its great for relief of anxiety. It offers emotional support through creative expression and can be used to assist with communication.

Snowflake Obsidian: Purity. Balance. Release. Snowflake Obsidian is made of volcanic remnants. Like all obsidian it is protective and grounding. It purifies negativity, releases blockages and restores balance and wellness. If you're having difficulty with a grudge, or feeling as though a grudge is being held against you, use this to release the bad vibes.  

Strawberry Obsidian: Self-worth. Positivity. Resilience.  On the surface Strawberry Obsidian may look cute, but it also has very strong properties. Strawberry Obsidian is made from volcanic rock. It counter acts anxiety and assists with building self worth and confidence. This beauty carries positive energy and can assist you to be resilient in challenging times.

Sunstone: Joy. Happiness. Love. Sunstone is a bright bundle of joy. It will cheer you up even in the darkest of times. It has the ability to act as a magnet drawing good energy into your life. Sunstone can help to restore, build and enhance happiness, love and beauty. 

Super 7: Healing, Empowerment. Destiny. Super 7 is a majestic crystal that is comprised of 7 powerful minerals - Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite & Rutile. This potent combination creates a deeply healing and empowering energy. Super 7 aligns and balances all seven charkas. It is powerful in healing the mind, body and spirit and can assist in the development of physic abilities. 

Tektite: Protection. Empowerment. Transmutation. Tektite is heavily connected to the earth. Its properties can empower you by releasing the feelings of having the weight of the world on your shoulders. Tektite works with the shadow to integrate its darker qualities. Its kinda like a chill pill for the ego. Highly protective, it repels negative energy before it can take effect on your aura.

Tiger Eye: Strength. Power. Sexuality. Personal power, strength and hella potent sexual energy exude from this crystal. Tiger eye is a complete expression of its animal name-sake. Sexy, bold and fierce, this one is for those who dare to push the limits, or are in need of some personal power.

Tiger Iron: Will Power. Protection. Inner Knowing. This amazing crystal will offer you protection and will power. Tiger Iron is bold and it'll make you bold too. This crystal naturally brings out confidence and inner knowing, its the type of loving strength that most of us have inside us, but rarely let out. Embrace your power.

Tourmalated Quartz: Balance. Protection. Light. Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz create a potent blend of protection and healing. Tourmalated Quartz balances Yin and Yang energy. Its connected to the soul star chakra. It energises, heals and protects your body and house.

Unakite: Organization. Wisdom. Longevity. Lost your mojo? Well, it's time to get it back. Unakite helps to organise your life, from the minuscule things to the big ones we are afraid of, this crystals got you covered. Its kinda like a polite kick in the behind. What hasn’t yet killed you has defs made you wiser and Unakite will pull that wisdom off the back shelf so you can turn it into something useful. This one is for the long game, she holds a lot of earth energy and can keep you get grounded and focus on your goals.

White Howlite: Calming. Positive. Uplifting. Sometimes people have bad attitudes towards us, even if we haven’t done anything to deserve it. It’s in those times that White Howlite shines. This crystal sheds negativity from the aura and calls in calm peaceful and uplifting vibes. It can alter the attitudes of negative people and the effects they have on us by bringing inner peace and positive vibes into the environment. Got a family gathering that you’d rather not attend? Bring your White Howlite to avoid unnecessary headaches.

White Quartz: Love. Harmony. Healing. White Quartz radiates love, harmony and healing. It grants you emotional support in times when your body needs rest but your mind is overactive. If you're feeling anxious or having difficulty sleeping hold your White Quartz in your hand and allow its positive energy to flow through to you.

Zebra Jasper: Creativity. Balance. Honesty. Excellent for balancing the divine feminine with the divine masculine. Use this crystal to remove obstacles from your life. Zebra Jasper enhances your power and will challenge you to step up and use your creativity.