Q. What do I need to know/do before booking a service?

A. Upon booking any service with 78 Stars you are agreeing to our policies and terms of services. Prior to purchasing please read our service policy here, our privacy policy here and our terms here

Q. Are there any specific things I need to know about booking Reiki/A Healing Session/Lomi Lomi?

A. After you purchase your service we'll send you an email with details related to your booking.

Q. I want to book a service but I've never done anything like this before, help?

A. If you were called here there's a reason for it. Sharni will guide you through what you need. If you have a specific question please send us an email at

Q. Where are you located?

A. Werribee, Victoria, Australia.

Q. Which timezone do you use?

A. All services are in Australian Daylight Time (AEDT)

Q. How can I reschedule my booking?

A. We require 24 hours notice for any cancellations. We do not offer refunds for our services, however we can definitely reschedule your booking for a different date. Please email: -  We will reschedule your booking once, if you do not attend  the new booking you will loose your payment. 



What is a reading?

A reading is connecting to guidance related to your life. 

Q. How does it work?

A. Sharni uses her innate abilities to recieve guidance from your angels, ancestors and guides. This is done using a range of methods as each reading is unique and catered to you.

Q. Does Sharni do readings in person?

A. Yes. We offer both in person and online readings. We are located in Werribee, Victoria. To book an in person reading please email us at: or you can book a video reading here. We also offer readings via email, you can view the options on the readings page here.



Q. What is a healing session?

A. A healing session focuses on connecting with trauma in order to clear it and help you move forward.

Q. How does a healing session work?

A. Sharni uses her innate healing abilities and a combination of healing modalities to cater your session to your needs. We discuss the issues that are effecting you and look at how to release them.

What do I need to do for a healing session?

A. After purchasing your healing session you will receive an email with all the details you need regarding your session.



Q. What is Reiki?

A. Reiki is universal energy healing.

Q. How does it work?

A. Using the Usui system of Reiki Sharni accesses both her own and your angels, ancestors and guides, she connects to your energy to facilitate deep healing. Sharni also uses the assistance of specific crystals & plant medicine depending on what you need during your session.

Q. How does Distance Reiki work?

A. We offer Distance Reiki for those who do not live locally or are unable to travel. It works the same way an in person session works, except you are in the comfort of your own home. It is equally as effective as an in person session. We have a discussion via email regarding any area's you wish to focus on. You also receive a follow up email after your session to discuss the details of your session.

Q. What do I need to do for Distance Reiki?

A. After you make your booking you will receive an email with all the details you need to set up for your session.

Q. Can I book a session for a specific date? 

We ofter Reiki sessions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All available sessions are in AEDT time and are listed here.


Lomi Lomi:

Q. What is Lomi Lomi?

A. Lomi Lomi is the sacred art of Hawaiian healing massage.

Q. How does it work?

A. Connecting to Akua (source) and your ancestors and guardians, Lomi Lomi is a sacred form of body work that offers deep regenerative healing through massage. The motions are long and flowing like the element of water. This massage is done using coconut oil. To honour Hawaiian traditions this massage can only be performed for those who believe in a higher power and take responsibility for their healing journey.

Q. What do I need to do to prepare for my booking?

A. After you book your session you will receive an email with information regarding your session.

Q. Why do you only take bookings for Lomi Lomi during November - December?

A. This massage was created in a tropical environment. It is a nude massage, you can opt to wear your underwear if that is more comfortable for you. This massage is most comfortable during warm weather.