About Aquarius: You know that one weird friend that everyone knows is the weird friend? Yeah... that's an accurate description of like every Aquarius you will ever meet. They were born to make you question the questions. But Aqua babies didn't just wake up and decide to be zany, they like rifted through 4 other dimensions before you had your morning coffee. They're full of mysticism and magic, and there's never a dull moment when an Aquarius is around. Even if they're off in their own little world, they still make excellent company cos they encourage you to be unique and at peace with what you don't let others see.

Symbol: The Water Bearer

Element: Air

Ruled by: Uranus - Eccentricity ∙ Development ∙ Rebellion

House: Eleventh House - The house of community

Quality: Fixed - Movement ∙ Embodiment  Work

Traditional Birthstone for February: Amethyst

Crystal Suggestions:

Blue Kyanite: description coming soon

Flower Agate: description coming soon

Picture Jasper: description coming soon

Rainbow Fluorite: description coming soon

Amazonite: description coming soon

Kiwi Jasper: description coming soon

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