About Gemini: The biggest misconception about Gemini's is that they can't make a choice... they totally can! But they'll also change it 45 times in the process of their own debate with themselves over the pros and cons of the circumstance. Which is why you should always want a Gemini on your team... ain't no motherf*cker going to mess with the arsenal that is their sharp wit and killer vocabulary. Built like an Encyclopedia of sh*t you don't need to know, Gemini's are random af & fun loving by nature. It's their childlike curiosity that makes these smart asses super exciting to be around.

Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air 

Ruled by: Mercury - Intellect ∙ Communication ∙ Logic

House: Third House - The house of communication

Quality: Mutable - Shifts ∙ Flow ∙ Endings

Traditional Birthstone for June: Pearl

Crystal Suggestions:

Lepidolite: description coming soon

Snowflake Obsidian: description coming soon

Sodalite: description coming soon

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