About Libra: Libra's are notorious for being flirtatious & cheeky... seriously do not even ask about that body count. Ruled by the planet Venus, their love language is literally love. Libra's wear their hearts on their sleeve's but they also have a strong appetite for self deprecating behaviour cos they have an overbearing tendency to eat with their eyes. The only Air sign that could be ruled by the planet of Love but also have the mind & mouth of a sailor...Y'all are either sweet as pie or as vicious as venom with the comebacks. We love Libra's cos they always have a good story to tell and it usually involves them getting in some type of trouble.

Symbol: The Scales

Element: Air

Ruled by: Venus - Love ∙ Beauty ∙ Art

House: Seventh House - The house of partnerships and marriage

Quality: Cardinal - Initiators ∙ Intentions  Beginnings

Traditional birthstone for October: Opal

Crystal Suggestions: 

Rose Quartz: description coming soon

Pink Tourmaline: description coming soon

Hematite: description coming soon

Rhodonite description coming soon

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