About Pisces: Earth to Space Cadet, can you hear us? Nope ok... we swear Pisces have selective hearing. I mean they kind of have selective everything to be honest, but they are the dreamers and idealists of the zodiac so it's kind of to be expected that their attention spans are short to non-existent. Pisces romanticise everything like its a Netflix teen rom com and my goodness do they love to chat! You will never meet a Pisces who doesn't love a good gossip sesh... they don't exist. The beauty here is they can embrace anyone and engross themselves into a deep convo like they're your bff even if you only met them 5 minutes ago.

Symbol: The Fish

Element: Water

Ruled by: Neptune - Dreams ∙ Delusions ∙ Imagination

House: Twelfth House - The house of the spirituality and the unseen

Quality: Mutable - Shifts ∙ Flow ∙ Endings

Traditional Birthstone for March: Aquamarine

Crystals For Pisces:

Dream Amethyst: description coming soon

Selenite: description coming soon

Ocean Jasper: description coming soon

Angelite: description coming soon

Unakite: description coming soon

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