About Sagittarius: A thirst for knowledge and for everything else, Sagittarius is the type that needs to devour all the nitty gritty deets. Their primary goal is to see & understand the bigger picture, getting them to experience it however, well that's a different story. That's when the phrase "I dare you" becomes your best tactic cos these profound procrastinators have a tendency to wave the white flag long before the battle has even begun. But if you entice them with a challenge... well then it's game on. They can't resist the urge to win. Seduced by potential & possibility, they crave adventure & never ever disappoint when it comes to discussing the abstract.

Symbol: The Archer

Element: Fire

Ruled by: Jupiter - Expansion ∙ Optimism ∙ Abundance

House: Ninth House - The house of philosophy and adventure

Quality: Mutable - Shifts ∙ Flow ∙ Endings

Traditional Birthstone for December: Tanzanite

Crystal Suggestions: 

Fire Agate: description coming soon

Dumortierite: description coming soon

Bronzite: description coming soon

Green Fluorite: description coming soon

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