About Scorpio: Sleep with one eye open? Sh*t you best not close your eyes. Scorpio's are not to be trifled with. Known for being sexually charged and mysterious, Scorpios are either obsessed with you or you don't exist in their world... there is no middle ground. Ruled by Pluto, they have a strong desire to obliterate the norm. Intense by nature but also sensitive af, Scorpios usually end up hurting their own feelings because deep down inside they're absolute cry babies. But we love Scropio's because they make excellent drinking buddies and they'll cut any b*tch that messes with you.

Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Ruled by: Pluto - Transformation ∙ Obsession ∙ Power

Quality: Fixed - Movement ∙ Embodiment  Work

House: Eighth House - The house of sex and death

Traditional Birthstone for November: Topaz

Crystal Suggestions: 

Black Tourmaline: description coming soon

Citrine: description coming soon

Blue Calcite: description coming soon

Apatite: description coming soon

Arfvedsonite: description coming soon

Lapis Lazuli: description coming soon

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