About Taurus: You either totally adore the endearing nature of a Taurus or, you want to kick them because they take absolutely forever to make a choice and act on it. Taurus although slow moving are some of the most determined b*tches you will ever meet... possibly because they're picky af. Which can mean that they have really good taste, or they're too habitual and stubborn to try something new, it depends on the day really. A Taurus' ideal way to spend their time is in bed with comfort food, tell us anything else and we'll tell you you're lyin' - they can be super lazy but they're always so chill and that's why we love them.

Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Ruled by: Chiron - Pain ∙ Healing  Perception

House: Second House - The house of wealth and the physical world

Quality: Fixed - Movement ∙ Embodiment  Work

Traditional Birthstone for May: Emerald

Crystal Suggestions:

Carnelian: description coming soon

Picasso Jasper: description coming soon

Moss Agate: description coming soon

Purple Fluorite: description coming soon

Honey Calcite: description coming soon

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