About Virgo: Your Virgo friend is organised and efficient but also anally retentive. Slipping some vodka into their protein shake might be they key ingredient to get them to lighten the f*ck up from time to time. They're practical and dependable but they take things way too seriously... they'll literally schedule in time for bathroom breaks if you don't call them out on their bullsh*t. Virgo's are the star sign that are dedicated to service, they'll help you with anything and they have a hawk eye for attention to detail... there ain't nothing that flys over their head. This is the friend you want by your side in an escape room or if you're like going to hide your ex's body in a forest or whatever.

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Ruled by: Mercury - Communication ∙ Intellect ∙ Education

House: Sixth House - The house of service and health

Quality: Mutable - Shifts ∙ Flow ∙ Endings

Traditional Birthstone for September: Sapphire

Crystals For Virgo: 

Bloodstone: description coming soon

Opal Aura: description coming soon

Nephrite Jade: description coming soon

Blue Lace Agate: description coming soon

Tiger Eye: description coming soon

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