North Node Reading: "Sharni conducted a North Node Reading for me in March 2020. This reading was incredibly insightful and accurate. Not only did Sharni confirm aspects of myself that I was both aware of and at that point in time unaware, Sharni also touched on aspects of my life that hadn't previously made sense. Through Sharni's reading, I now understand the purpose of events of my past and how they've affected me for so long. The North Node Reading also provided guidance in order to overcome personal challenges and confirmed my life path; allowing me to have greater faith in myself and my current direction. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone seeking clarity or a deeper understanding of themselves to allow Sharni and the Team at 78STARS to conduct a reading for them. I personally enjoy referring to the reading from time to time to remind myself of where I'm headed, but also as I've noticed that aspects of the reading become more relevant and clearer as time passes. Go for it!" - Nathan G.

Online Guided Reading: "Would like to sincerely thank Sharni for her reading. Help put my mind to rest also helped me release all that was tying me down. Beautiful soul who makes you feel comfortable and explains every step. ❤️Keep doing your amazing work." - Helen F.

In Person Guided Reading: "Went for a reading with Sharni and it was amazing! I feel clarity and reassurance about what lies ahead. Can't recommend anyone better!" - Kaz K.

Online Guided Reading & Healing: "I had been having some difficulties with letting go of toxic connections and feelings of uncertainty in my life and just felt stuck. I decided to get a tarot reading and distance reiki healing done with Sharni to try and help me get past my blockages. She has such a calming presence and was super understanding and easy to talk to. She was very thorough with telling me how to prepare for my distance reading and healing. It was all done via zoom and was a lovely calming experience. After the healing Sharni followed up with exercises and additional work for me to do to help me continue the benefits of the session on my own. If I have any questions or concerns she is always happy to offer advice. I can honestly say that since the healing, I am feeling much lighter emotionally and have gained back a lot of the emotional strength I thought I had lost forever. I am so grateful to Sharni for helping me and highly recommend her to others needing emotional and spiritual healing." - Hayley K.