Angel Reading with Sharni: "I had an Angel reading with Sharni a few months ago and wasn't quite sure what to expect as I had never had one before. The reading was so intuitive and comforting. Some things were true of the time and made a lot of sense to me and helped me figure out a couple of things I needed to do for myself. Other little things have continued to emerge ever since. Sharni described an image (from childhood) of pink and yellow flowers and encouraged me to explore this memory, a few months later my grandma sent me some old pictures of me and there I was as a young girl surrounded by pink and yellow flowers, in one of my happiest places. It made me reflect back on that time and think about my younger self. I would 100% recommend a reading with Sharni, and will definitely consider another one in the future." - Kerrie L.

Guided Reading with Ellisha: "I've had the pleasure of having 3 guided readings with Ellisha from 78 Stars. Not only did she make me feel calm and comfortable, she was spot on with everything that came up. She was able to pick up on something that had come up before but I never understood until now. Ellisha gave me answers, clarity and peace of mind on something very close to my heart. She is honest, accurate and informative. It was also nice to get little messages from a loved one who has passed over. Thank you Ellisha and 78 Stars." - Kariyn K.

Healing Session with Sharni: "The way Sharni guided and supported me it was like I had a big sister in the room, always ready to listen and understand what was going on, allowing and creating a space for me to truly become surrendered and real for the deep internal healing to come alive. I felt safe and protected. Her energy is loving and calm. She is a beautiful soul and she always has the best intentions to create and heal from the deepest of spaces she can reach and if she can't reach them yet she will ask the deeper questions as to why or how we can get there. Layer by layer she will open you up to new ideas and new experiences. The best thing about the healing was that I walked away with deeper insight into who I am, what I have come here for and feeling for once in my life that I was allowed to cry as a male. I was protected and loved for being vulnerable and that was truly amazing. Would see her again ten fold." - Luke B.

Sound Healing with Ellisha: "My sound healing with Ellisha was my first experience extending myself to someone for spiritual guidance. I've always been curious about the spiritual world, but as someone with a strong scientific background, it doesn't come lightly for me to really trust someone in this space. But there is something special about both Ellisha and Sharni, from the moment I met them, they've never once imposed their views, their beliefs onto me, they reserve their insight for those who choose to seek it, for those who ask and I really respect that. My sound healing opened up a lot of doors for me, allowed a lot to flow through me, too much for words to hold right here. These girls are really in touch with something special, and if you are in anyway curious to explore a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you, I cannot recommend them enough. Simply put, I trust them." - Gabriel H.

Energy Reading with Sharni: "Sharni is super tapped in, and able to provide accurate and insightful readings. She was loving and gentle and gave only the information I needed to hear - not too much, not too little. You can tell she genuinely wants to be of service and use her gifts in the right way to help you along your path. So grateful for this experience and grateful to know these women in general!" - Ochre R.

Guided Reading with Ellisha: "I had my first reading with Ellisha and it was amazing! Ellisha was so patient and understanding, I felt understood throughout the whole reading. It was such a peaceful and eye opening experience. I would 100% recommend Ellisha to anyone!" - Beck P.

Light Healing with Sharni: "I've had several Light Healing sessions with Sharni and have had amazing results. Always felt great after the healing. It has lasting results as well if you are willing to do the work afterwards. Thank you so much for always helping me!" - Charlyn O.

Energy Reading with Sharni: "I had a reading done last month with Sharni and OMG what she told me was so true, I loved what I was told and how to fix what I needed to fix. I highly recommend getting a reading done. 78 Stars are so friendly and always send out good vibes." - Gaye R.

Sound Healing with Ellisha: "I had a sound healing with Ellisha without focusing on a specific issue. Intuitively she picked up that I had been having pain in my thumb. After focusing on my thumb she was able to lift the pain from that area. I loved the sound healing that Ellisha did for me, it was very calming and helped me to release my pain. Thank you Ellisha and 78 Stars." - Abby N.

Reading with Sharni: "This reading was incredibly insightful and accurate. Not only did Sharni confirm aspects of myself that I was both aware of and at that point in time unaware, Sharni also touched on aspects of my life that hadn't previously made sense. Through Sharni's reading, I now understand the purpose of events of my past and how they've affected me for so long. The reading also provided guidance in order to overcome personal challenges and confirmed my life path; allowing me to have greater faith in myself and my current direction. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone seeking clarity or a deeper understanding of themselves to allow Sharni and the Team at 78STARS to conduct a reading for them. I personally enjoy referring to the reading from time to time to remind myself of where I'm headed, but also as I've noticed aspects of the reading become more relevant and clearer as time passes. Go for it!" - Nathan G.

Energy Reading with Sharni: "Would like to sincerely thank Sharni for her reading. Help put my mind to rest also helped me release all that was tying me down. Beautiful soul who makes you feel comfortable and explains every step. Keep doing your amazing work." - Helen F.

Energy Reading with Sharni: "Went for a reading with Sharni and it was amazing! I feel clarity and reassurance about what lies ahead. Can't recommend anyone better!" - Kaz K.

Online Reading & Healing with Sharni: "I had been having some difficulties with letting go of toxic connections and feelings of uncertainty in my life and just felt stuck. I decided to get a reading and distance healing session done with Sharni to try and help me get past my blockages. She has such a calming presence and was super understanding and easy to talk to. She was very thorough with telling me how to prepare for my distance reading and healing. It was all done via zoom and was a lovely calming experience. After the healing Sharni followed up with exercises and additional work for me to do to help me continue the benefits of the session on my own. If I have any questions or concerns she is always happy to offer advice. I can honestly say that since the healing, I am feeling much lighter emotionally and have gained back a lot of the emotional strength I thought I had lost forever. I am so grateful to Sharni for helping me and highly recommend her to others needing emotional and spiritual healing." - Hayley K.