78 Stars Moon Mana Spray


Moon Mana Spray
'Mana, e dina'

Created using the lunar cycle, our Moon Mana Spray has been infused with loving energy to help you cleanse your aura and environment. Beneficial for calling back your power and enhancing manifestation rituals, Moon Mana can be used during the full moon for releasing or the new moon to assist with manifestation rituals.

The word 'Mana' in Polynesian cultures translates to spirit  ∙ power  ∙ life force 
Our intention when creating this spray was to tap into the sacred element of water and the beauty and power of our Fijian heritage. The Moon governs feminine power, she flows with the tides, her gracious glow illuminating the darkness. The combination of native ingredients create the powerful cleansing abilities of our Moon Mana Spray. 

Cleansing: shake or tap the bottle three times to awaken the ingredients. Call a white light to surround you and fill the space, spray your body or your room and repeat "I cleanse and clear, I cleanse and clear, I cleanse and clear any and all known and unknown negative energy from here - Mana e' dina"

Releasing: shake or tap the bottle three times to awaken the ingredients, state what you are releasing then say "I call back all my power, I call back all my energy, I love myself, I love myself, I love myself - Mana e' dina"

Manifesting: shake or tap the bottle three times to awaken the ingredients, cleanse your space and aura using the spray. Focus your energy on your manifestation, may it be what is of the highest good. Focus on the gratitude of already having what is yours. State your desired manifestation, and repeat  "Mana e' dina" three times - be sure to give thanks to the universe.

∙ 100ml per bottle
∙ Matte black glass bottle
∙ Made in Australia

Ingredients: hibiscus flower, coconut essence, various Salts, distilled coconut water & crystal infused vibrational water (spray does not contain crystals.)

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