Crystal Intention Kit: Calming


Enhance the calming vibes with this gorgeous crystal intention kit. Each kit comes with four beautiful crystals and a luxe handmade satin pouch.

Blue Agate: Connection. Clarity. Grounding. Perfect to ground those with short attention spans or for someone experiencing difficulty concentrating. Blue agate is grounding in a calm and soothing manner. It helps us to be still and make clear decisions.

Ocean Jasper: Relaxation. Healing. Acceptance. Good for when you really just need to chill. Ocean Jasper is plucked right out of the sea. Its presence is calming like the sound of gentle waves. It will ease your thoughts and lighten your emotions. 

Sodalite: Calming. Change. Peace. Sodalite brings clarity to crowded thoughts. It invites peace and flow into your life. Its great for relief of anxiety. It offers emotional support through creative expression and can be used to assist with communication.

Zebra Jasper: Creativity. Balance. Honesty. Excellent for balancing the divine feminine with the divine masculine. Use this crystal to remove obstacles from your life. Zebra Jasper enhances your power and will challenge you to step up and use your creativity.

Read about Blue Agate here, Ocean Jasper here, Sodalite here and Zebra Jasper here.

Note: Crystals pictured are for reference. We intuitively choose your crystal.

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