Star Sign Crystal Kit: Capricorn

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Capricorn Birthday: December 22nd - January 19th
Our Star Sign Crystal Kit makes the perfect gift for the charming Capricorn in your life. Each kit comes with one Lepidolite palm stone, one Green Aventurine tumble, one Magnetite tumble, one Citrine tumble and our luxe 78 Stars handmade satin pouch.

Lepidolite: Acceptance ∙ Trust ∙ Forgiveness
The soothing energy of Lepidolite will help you to transition through difficult times. This crystal promotes trust, self-acceptance and self-love, it teaches you that forgiveness is always the best option no matter what you have experienced. Through grace it will lovingly help to remove attachments to people and things that you no longer need so that you can make room for what you truly want in your life.

Green Aventurine: Abundance   Success   Positivity
Mo money, less problems. Green Aventurine is known for bringing good luck and money into your life. It’s great for business ventures and for manifesting wealth. Being the stone of natural abundance Green Aventurine is a perfect tool for goal-getters, its positivity and luck will magnify your desires and pull them into your life.

Magnesite: Visualisation   Health   Meditation
Magnesite promotes health and vitality. It is said to assist with improving bone strength. This crystal helps you to improve your health and visualise what happiness means to you. It has a calming and soothing effect and can help you to relieve stress.

Citrine: Abundance  Confidence  Clarity
Good vibes all around, Citrine amplifies the universal powers of manifestation so you can tap into your confidence and align with what you desire. It will bring abundance and goodness into your life.

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Crystals with Love & Intention: We intuitively choose your crystals and as we pack your order we lovingly cleanse your items and set them with the intention of being for your highest good.

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