Eclipse & Retrograde SZN Survival Kit


Eclipse & Retrograde SZN is fast approaching... dw tho, we got you. Our Eclipse & Retrograde SZN Survival Kit holds all the right energies to help you get through this next part of your journey.

Each kit includes: 1 x Rhodonite Tumble,
1 x Black Tourmaline Tumble
1 X Selenite Tumble
1 x Larvikite Tumble
1 x Luxe Satin 78 pouch
1 x White Sage incense pack

Rhodonite will help balance your feminine and masculine energy and gently assist you to ground during any difficult times.

Black Tourmaline will protect you from lower vibrational people and ward off anyone that attempts to do you harm. It will also assist to regulate your sleep by helping you to feel safe.

Selenite cleanses and resets your energy so you don't feel weighed down. It can help to shed light into the unknown and help to release any blockages that are preventing you from progressing.

Larvikite is your best friend when it comes to dealing with darker aspects. It helps us to accept our flaws and gain perspective. It will teach you to look for the silver lining in the lesson you are learning.

White Sage: Call in the light. This ritualistic scent helps to cleanse negative energy from your space. It provides protection and brings in positive energy.

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