Crystal Intention Kit: Energy


Be the baddie that you know you are and get your energy right with this gorgeous crystal intention kit. Each kit comes with four beautiful crystals and a luxe handmade satin pouch.

Carnelian: Passion. Power. Action. Carnelian is one of the most fiery crystals you'll ever come across and we don’t mean that just because of its colour. Hold this bad boy in your hand and you’ll literally feel it radiating heat. It’s passionate and intense. Carnelian teaches you to harness your inner flame and become totally unapologetic in connecting with the divine masculine energy. It evokes action and confidence.

Kiwi Stone: Tranquillity. Healing. Protection. Kiwi Stone helps you to acknowledge your own capabilities and face truths with ease. It offers healing and will help any negative patterns and habits fall away so your life can become more tranquil. Kiwi Stone also contains tiny deposits of Black Tourmaline - which bring you protection and grounding.

Sheen Obsidian: Healing. Protection. Self-Love. Sheen Obsidian is formed in volcanic glass. It offers deep protection and energetic grounding. It's connected to the heart and root chakra and supports emotional healing from trauma. It allows us to be more aware of our needs and improves self-love.

Sunstone: Joy. Happiness. Love. Sunstone is a bright bundle of joy. It will cheer you up even in the darkest of times. It has the ability to act as a magnet drawing good energy into your life. Sunstone can help to restore, build and enhance happiness, love and beauty. 

Read about Carnelian here, Kiwi Stone here, Sheen Obsidian here and Sunstone here.

Note: Crystals pictured are for reference. We intuitively choose your crystal.

*Includes custom pouch.

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