Crystal Intention Kit: Love


Master the art of love with this gorgeous crystal intention kit. Each kit comes with four beautiful crystals and a luxe handmade satin pouch.

Ametrine: Balance. Power. Fortune. Ametrine contains both yin and yang energy. It's made of quartz, amethyst and citrine. It carries each of these crystal properties - healing, balance, power and fortune. Its versatility can also be useful to reduce cravings and overcome addictions.

Prehnite: Healing. Love. Light. In the wise words of Pac, after every dark night there is a brighter day. Prehnite is a crystal for the heart. It will guide you through the darkness, showing you how to appreciate the lessons and heal from the pain. You are pure light. You are pure love.

Rhodonite: Glow. Freedom. Self-Love. The glow up is real. Rhodonite or the Glow Up crystal as we have affectionately nick-named it, works wonders to boost your self-confidence. It helps you to restore balance -  the pink represents Yin energy and the black represents Yang energy. Work with this crystal to balance your energy and focus on self-love.

Rose Quartz: Love. Innocence. Guidance. Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. It connects you to your inner child and offers protection and guidance. Its beautiful soft yet potent energy will bring healing and balance to all areas of love in your life, from friendships to relationships and even self-love.

Read more about Ametrine here, Prehnite here, Rhodonite here and Rose Quartz here.

Note: Crystals pictured are for reference. We intuitively choose your crystal.

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