Crystal Intention Kit: Protection


Protect your energy with this gorgeous crystal intention kit. Each kit comes with four beautiful crystals and a luxe handmade satin pouch.

Black Tourmaline: Protection. Grounding. Purification. Black Tourmaline aka your personal body guard. Tourmaline is one of the most protective crystals you'll find. It has super potent grounding energy and it purifies the aura by removing negative energy. It can help to bring a sense of safety into your life, aids in relief of trauma and helps to prevent nightmares.

Hematite: Grounding. Strength. Rejuvenation. Hematite is a solid game changer; it will ground you and connect you to deep inner strength. If you have a hard time being present in the moment or you’re in the midst of healing from some traumatic stuff, get yourself some hematite to ground and protect you.

Selenite: Light. Purity. Protection. Selenite is pure white light in crystal form. It's immensely healing, calming and protective. Its pure essence brings each of these qualities in to your life. If you're experiencing pain, trauma or grief, Selenite can assist to stabilise your emotions. It cleanses your connections and prevents others from draining your energy. This crystal also cleanses your home and other crystals, simply place it in the area you want to call light and cleansing into.

Smoky Quartz: Protection. Wisdom. Grounding. Smoky quartz is a grounding and protective crystal. It will help you tap into your inner wisdom and give you strength during difficult times. It removes negative energy from your aura and will protect you from harm.

Read more about Black Tourmaline here, Hematite here, Selenite here and Smoky Quartz here.

Note: Crystals pictured are for reference. We intuitively choose your crystal.

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