Seer Stone: Rose Quartz


Seer stones offer an abundance of spiritual support. In ancient times they were found in the Ema river. Its beautiful waters naturally tumbled the stone till it created a crystal clear window. Once the potent energies were harnessed, they were used to look into the past and see into the future. These crystals have a long and rich legacy. They are full of ethereal energy and esoteric wisdom.

  • Place it in your sacred space to fill it with soothing vibes
  • Hold in your palm to enhance your meditation practice
  • Or add it to your table when flipping some oracle cards

Rose Quartz: Love. Innocence. Guidance.

Connected to the heart chakra.

Crystals with Love & Intention: We love our crystals and we want you to love yours too! As we pack your order we lovingly cleanse your crystals and set them with the intention of being for your highest good.

Note: Crystals pictured are for reference. We intuitively choose your crystal.

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