Rune Reading Your Life


A toolkit for insight, intuition & clarity.

Learn the ancient art of reading runes to inspire, empower, and jumpstart your journey to self-discovery and fulfilment.

Reveal the wisdom of the runes 24 Norse symbols, from the ancient word runa, meaning "secret" or "mystery" to connect with your true self, master the art of being present, and fearlessly welcome your future's unfolding.

With everything modern, women have on their plates full navigating life, work, relationships, responsibilities, and expectations - it can be too easy to put our own passions, priorities, and deepest desires on the back burner...or even lose sight of them altogether. Some of us dwell on the past or hold anxiety about the future, keeping us from being truly present in our lives and open to our own higher source of self-knowledge.

Like pulling an angel card, consulting a horoscope, or reading tarot, choosing runes with a question or intention in mind allows us to draw on the divinatory magic of these ancient symbols. We can make space for dialogue with our inner selves, convert intentions into actions, and open ourselves to being more aware and awake than we ever thought possible. This approachable, accessible, and empowering introduction to the runes shows you how.

In three practical sections, Rune Reading for the Modern Woman provides an introduction to the 24 runic symbols and their history, explains their ancient meanings, and reveals their modern interpretations. It guides readers on a 30-day transformative rune reading practice, showing how to read, interpret, and apply runic wisdom to everyday life. 

Included in this book are 24 mini rune cards that you can cut out and practice with. Check pictures 3 & 4 for reference.

Written by: Delanea Davis

Book: Hardcover

Pages: 244

Published: 2020

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