Star Sign Crystal Kit: Taurus

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Taurus Birthday: April 20th - May 20th
Our Star Sign Crystal Kit makes the perfect gift for the cuddly Taurus in your life. Each kit comes with one Unakite palm stone, one New Jade tumble, one Clear Quartz tumble, one Carnelian tumble and our luxe 78 Stars handmade satin pouch.

Unakite: Organization ∙ Wisdom ∙ Longevity
Lost your mojo? Well, it's time to get it back. Unakite helps to organise your life, from the minuscule things to the big ones we are afraid of, this crystals got you covered. Its kinda like a polite kick in the behind. What hasn’t yet killed you has defs made you wiser and Unakite will pull that wisdom off the back shelf so you can turn it into something useful. This one is for the long game, she holds a lot of earth energy and can keep you get grounded and focus on your goals.

Clear Quartz: Healing∙ Clarity ∙ Energy
Known for being the master healing crystal, Clear Quartz holds immensely powerful healing and protective properties. It's versatile nature supports all kinds of healing, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It boosts your energy, protects the auric field and provides clarity in situations where you are having trouble discerning what is in your best interest. Containing the ability to amplify the energy of other crystals and increase their effects, Clear Quartz is a staple in your crystal collection. 

New Jade: Detoxification   Awareness  Friendship
New Jade detoxifies relationships by dispelling fear and replacing it with awareness and willingness to allow change. This crystal is great for counteracting anxiety, promoting acceptance and drawing in new relationships and friendships.

Carnelian: Passion ∙ Power ∙ Action
Awaken your passions and take your personal power to a whole new level. Carnelian radiates fiery energy that ignites the desire to create long-term changes. It works to stabilise the solar plexus and sacral chakras, preventing burn out so you can focus on taking action towards your goals.  

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Crystals with Love & Intention: We intuitively choose your crystals and as we pack your order we lovingly cleanse your items and set them with the intention of being for your highest good.

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